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Hi there! I'm Amanda, the teacher-designer behind Ms. Peach Plus Designs. This site and the products offered through this site, have been created for teachers and those who love them.

I taught grades K-2 for thirteen years in Atlanta, spending most of my teaching career in the kindergarten classroom. In the beginning of my career, I leaned into the belief that if I put everything I had into teaching that it meant I was a good teacher.

That simply isn't true.

Teachers can be amazing in the classroom without sacrificing their personal lives. You can be creative, have engaging activities, and create a wonderful classroom experience in your classroom while still having time for the people and the things that matter most to your life.

Ms. Peach Plus Designs is full of activities and designs for teachers and those who love them. It is important to me that teachers are uplifted and celebrated as the profession is the foundation of our society.

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