Teacher Downloads

Learning while having fun is so important in my classroom. I'm sure you feel the same. The activities here are meant to help you spend less time on planning and more time for what matters most.



Apparel from Ms. Peach Plus Designs is rooted in the idea that we can have fun pieces that are full of meaning. While most of the apparel in the shop is seasonal, there are a few items that stick around for the entire year. Click the button below to find your next favorite piece.


Prints & Stationery

MPPD was founded on creating stationery, and it continues to be one of my favorite things to design! The stationery in my shop is beautiful and, most importantly, functional. From parent notepads to thank you notes, you can find what you need to stay organized.


Meet Ms. Peach Plus


Hi there, friend! I'm so excited you're joining me today. Ms. Peach Plus Designs is my way to share what I love with other teachers and those who love them. Whether you're looking for creative and engaging activities, encouraging prints and stationery, or fun, inspirational tees, you're certainly welcome here!